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15 College Students Who Are Just Lovable Fuckups

Feat. a resident who "played pornographic sounds using a Bluetooth speaker in the hall."

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Listen, when I say "fuckup," I mean it in a "you're a hot mess" type of way, so don't get offended!


1. This girl, who told a classmate she dropped out in the best way:

2. This guy, who wrote about The Emperor's New Groove instead of The Emperor of Time:

3. This napper:

4. This guy, who was hopefully claimed:

"did anyone take him" so done with my apartment complex groupme

5. This guy, who knows exactly what he's doing (πŸ˜‚)

6. This guy, who accidentally emailed his professor something accurate AF:

7. This genius slacker:

8. And this girl, who couldn't get through a mock interview:

Asked my mom to help me with a mock interview and I can’t even be serious for 40 seconds lmfao

9. This guy, who had to find out the hard way that he bombed his midterm:

10. And this guy, who probably shouldn't pursue a career in math:

11. These two, who are fuckups together:

my friend sent me these pictures of how her college life is going and I'm in tears

12. This girl, who royally fucked up her essay:

13. And this girl, who got locked out of her online quiz (we've all been there!):

when u accidentally open a quiz and try and go back to take it but it's locked. i love college. i'm really crying b…

14. This student, who's so lost that even the professor knows:

15. And last but not least, this girl, who's been through A LOT:

My first!!!!! College!!!! Exam!!!! Was magical πŸŒˆπŸ’« D is for Degree amiright

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