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    People Are Sharing Offensive Representations Of Fat Characters In Movies And TV, And It's Eye-Opening And Sad

    "The era of the fat suit was horrible."

    Earlier this month, TikTok user and actor Abby Rose Morris asked people, "What is the most offensive fat character in entertainment/media that you have seen?"

    Abby hosts More Than Tracy Turnblad, a podcast about "fat representation in the arts."

    It led to people sharing examples of characters who were portrayed with offensive, anti-fat stereotypes. Here's what people shared:

    Just a heads-up: These responses talk about eating disorders, disordered thinking, and body-shaming.

    1. "Debby Ryan in Insatiable. We have the 'beautiful all along' trope and the 'Stop eating and you'll become skinny' trope. Season 3 did try to claim some dignity by having her admit she has an eating disorder, but still, her nickname is Fatty Patty."

    2. "Monica from Friends, for sure. I'm rewatching from the beginning, and it's always treated as a joke. She was always carrying around candy bars in the episodes."

    3. "Rasputia from Norbit. We all know what was wrong with this character. And it's standard for everyone to say, 'It was a comedy. It was just a funny movie.' That's cute until you're fat and Black and people just call you Rasputia all the time. Or it promotes the stereotype that you're man-crazy and desperate for a man, and just sit around and eat and do nothing else. This whole era of the fat suit was just horrible."

    4. Terra from the Winx saga. The writing of this character is a war crime against plus-size people. I know it's more recent. I think it's because it came out so recently that it's so problematic. Watching this character was like learning about what really thin white women assume it must feel like to be plus-size. I wasn't listening to the voice of a fat woman talk about her body — I was listening to a list of insecurities about what thin people assume that plus-size bodies experience."

    5. "Sierra Burgess. She was way too defined by her insecurity, and I hate how it's her relationship with Noah Centineo's character that 'fixes' it."

    6. Toby from Troll Hunters. He's the stereotypical, unconventionally attractive best friend who only thinks about food. But most importantly, from a character design perspective, everyone else is super thin. Even the muscular guy is not as big as he is. It looks awful. And then there's this scene where the character can't fit through an alleyway, even though he's 'been on a diet.'"

    7. "Fat Amy from the Pitch Perfect film series. The fact that that was her name."

    8. The scene in Sex and the City when Samantha gains weight and Carrie says, 'How could you possibly not know you went from ultra skinny to regular skinny?!' as the camera pans to her stomach."

    9. "That one Good Luck Charlie scene, where P.J. eats bacon and has a dream about him being fat. The dream was so unnecessary."

    10. "Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal. It's so cute!* The guy falls in love with this girl but only because he's hypnotized and sees her as a thin woman!"

    11. "Eddie Murphy as The Nutty Professor is, for obvious reasons, a fatphobic portrayal of a character. This guy here made my middle school years so bad."

    Eddie Murphy as The Nutty Professor

    12. "The main character in Date Movie. It was so bad. There's literally a scene where they try and 'make her pretty' to get married, and they literally 'suck out' her fat, and it's all mayonnaise."

    13. "The scene in Bring It On: All or Nothing, where they say, 'If ever there was an argument for bulimia, it's Brianna's ass.' Then they grill her about her weight."

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    What other characters did they miss? Tell me about anti-fat portrayals in movies or shows you've seen in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    If you are living with an eating disorder, you can find resources and support here.