Yikes, Yikes, Yikes, These 15 People Had A Bad Week

    Imagine getting those texts from your dentist...

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This spillage:

    accidentally spilled coffee on this pregnant lady i was serving and she went into labour we had to call the ambulance https://t.co/2TeqXMK9k4

    Twitter: @JeanGreyfire

    2. These bizarre dentist texts:

    Twitter: @dubstep4dads

    3. This intruder:

    Twitter: @sailorrooscout

    4. This abrupt closing:

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet

    5. This step:

    That elevated court was taking souls💀

    Twitter: @ramseyboltin

    6. This bizarre shirt:

    Imagine u lose your luggage at the airport and this is the only thing u can wear

    Twitter: @heyjush

    7. This landlord's reply:

    i sent a photo of my leak to my landlord and he sent it back as elton john??

    Twitter: @jamierosedee
    Close-up of the "Elton John" tweet

    8. This rioter's epic fail:

    Twitter: @theeashleyray

    9. This description:

    why would they refer to her as the shark tale star.. out of all her roles… im crying

    Twitter: @margotkravitz
    "I'm sad for [those audiences]," said the Shark Tale star. "And I'm proud of Marvel for refusing to cut those scenes out

    10. This rating:

    this girl is telling me about the movies she ranks on her IMDb account. she rated “teen beach movie” a 10 and “shawshank redemption” a 9

    Twitter: @kristoferthomas

    11. This chain of events:

    yesterday I watched a tiktok that said something good was coming my way ! Today I have covid 😌! magic is all around us

    Twitter: @saggiesplinters

    12. This mom text:

    Twitter: @baddanadanabad

    13. This snap message:

    Twitter: @oprahsnooch

    14. This patient's question:

    asked a patient at work today if they were vaccinated. “Why are you asking me that’s against hipaa?” Ma’am this is your doctor’s office what do you mean

    Twitter: @vcurranw

    15. And lastly, this dog owner's fail:

    Twitter: @dannah__montana

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