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    Just 17 Times People On The Internet Failed This Week

    A good week.

    1. This mom's confusion:

    2. This hilariously incorrect identification:

    congratulations especially to the little girl in her stroller this morning who pointed to my dog and proudly announced “pig”

    3. This relatable method:

    using 12yrold kids’ public prezis to write research papers >>

    4. This Grindr fail:

    5. And this person's Grindr fail:

    It’s that time of year I guess

    6. This ominous message:

    7. This self-fail:

    8. This Insta pic fail:

    9. This fountain fail:

    10. This thirst fail:

    we gotta get this goddamn vaccine

    11. And this one too:

    12. This priorities fail:

    Yo priorities backwards

    13. This fail for Papa John's:

    14. This revelation, OMG:

    15. This traumatizing historical perspective:

    my whole concept of history has been shattered ever since i saw someone say “Rosa Parks died in 2005, meaning she could’ve watched Shrek”

    16. This one too:

    So evidently our 13 year old thought "primadonna" meant anyone born before Madonna (i.e. pre-Madonna). Please send oxygen. We cannot stop laughing. 😂😂😂

    17. And lastly, this closed-captioning fail:

    just found out youtube captions my name as little no sex

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