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    Yikes, Yikes, Yikes, These 15 People Had A Bad Week

    Not the three cents off...

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This design:

    Twitter: @Kristen_Arnett

    2. This son's statement:

    My cousin took her wig off and her son said "mommy so this whole time you really a boy"🥴😂🤣😅

    Twitter: @NaraLove23

    3. This adorable bulldog fail:

    watching a dog show. love this sleepy bulldog.

    Twitter: @nawalafunk

    4. This misconception:

    We all thought it was the same thing right?

    Twitter: @MrCampbell98

    5. This cousin's party favor:


    Twitter: @niccoyat

    6. This toilet demo sign:

    Twitter: @Wordesse

    7. This devastating situation:

    A tragic airplane moment: we’ve been sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off for two hours. The guy in front of us fell asleep immediately upon boarding, he just woke up and started getting ready to get off the plane - he thought we’d landed. My wife broke the news to him.

    Twitter: @tomgara

    8. This nomination:

    the “fancy like applebee’s on a date night” song is nominated for a grammy

    Twitter: @calebsaysthings

    9. This sale fail:

    Love when I find a killer Black Friday deal 🤑🤑🤑

    Twitter: @millerkern

    10. This risky setup:

    BIG disaster waiting to happen at the Balthazar Bakery coffee station

    Twitter: @enfant_cerebral

    11. This slut-shamed cat:

    my mom took the cat i found to the vet

    Twitter: @hunnywh0re

    12. This incorrect lineup:

    Twitter: @D1C0MM

    13. This self-checkout fail:

    Twitter: @american_sicko

    14. This selfish customer review:

    Twitter: @Flagsam

    15. This inquiry:

    Twitter: @Mistress_Raven_

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