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    Yikes, Yikes, Yikes, These 15 People Had A Bad Week

    Not the elevator...

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This sketch:

    has anyone maybe thought to check on the mom?

    Twitter: @UncleDuke1969

    2. This backhanded comment:

    Twitter: @IAmDylanLewis

    3. This Joker moment:

    Twitter: @ion_trap_

    4. This mindset:

    Hey, man. The leaves. They fell off your tree. They're incredibly biodegradable, and will be gone by the end of winter. So you better hurry up and rake them into plastic bags.

    Twitter: @SirEviscerate

    5. This find, LOL:

    This what I get for picking money from the ground 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Twitter: @uzoart

    6. This masturbation mix-up:

    Twitter: @naurveen

    7. And this cheating mix-up, OMG:

    Why did he say this like a spoken word poet 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @MyHandsRatedE

    8. This realization:

    Just saw myself in the Target self-checkout camera nobody talk to me for the rest of the day

    Twitter: @Zach__Frank

    9. This school's fail:

    My son’s teacher thought he was gonna keep a phone, that I pay for, til the end of the year

    Twitter: @_Cordelra_

    10. This silenced message:

    Twitter: @KindaHagi

    11. And this message too:

    Twitter: @boopyape

    12. This soulmate fail:

    Twitter: @SheRatesDogs

    13. This advice:

    every relationship self help book should be replaced with this

    Twitter: @aaaaaalivia

    14. This drag:

    Twitter: @CaucasianJames

    15. And lastly, this elevator sign:

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet
    @adamgreattweet / Via Twitter: @adamgreattweet

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