LOL, I'm Dying At These 14 Fails From This Week

    Not the huge spider...

    1. This interaction:

    Twitter: @SUNFL0WR91

    2. And this interaction, too:

    Twitter: @LilNasX

    3. This class:

    HI EXCUSE ME, I just found out the the prof for this online course I’m taking *died in 2019* and he’s technically still giving classes since he’s *literally my prof for this course* and I’m learning from lectures recorded before his passing’s a great class but WHAT

    Twitter: @AaronLinguini

    4. This mindset:

    yesterday i completed a chore that i’ve been putting off for 5 months. it took me 20 minutes. i will learn nothing from this

    Twitter: @kenzhadley

    5. This sushi:

    made sushi for the first time i don't really get the hype

    Twitter: @inspector_salad

    6. This sext:

    Twitter: @chardonyay

    7. This accusation:

    Twitter: @AstoundingSwift

    8. This invasion:


    Move to Australia they said.. #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Jake Salt

    9. This feedback:

    Twitter: @aramnotagoat

    10. This mishap:

    11. This backflip fail:

    12. This Facebook status about roaches:

    Twitter: @makeupbyshaniah

    13. This message:

    Someone messaging "I want your thighs on my ears."

    14. And lastly, this prank:

    Twitter: @capricabby

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