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    15 People Who Had A Really, Really Crappy Week

    The Snapchat proposition. :/

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This encounter:

    was just walking my dog and passed by some guy who was actively getting blown. he had his girl crouching right there in the snow, just deepthroating on the sidewalk. then he stared at me like IM the weirdo

    Twitter: @kristoferthomas

    2. This juxtaposition of tweets:

    Twitter: @tweetbiblee

    3. This miscommunication:

    Twitter: @musicstruggles1

    4. This "rule":

    Twitter: @Quanty_J

    5. This rejection:

    Twitter: @ecto_fun

    6. This quarantine fail:

    I'm in Publix, this lady in front of me has a cart full of stuff. The cashier casually asks her "are you stocking up on groceries to stay safe". The lady responds "I actually tested positive 3 days ago. I'm in quarantine now" My face:

    Twitter: @Real_JRoe

    7. This revisited fail:

    one time I went to a support group for UFO abductees, just to see … there was one guy no one believed .. everyone else would be like “these blue men came for me” and the room would be like “so true bestie” but when that one guy said it they’d all roll their eyes

    Twitter: @cal_beu

    8. This message:

    Twitter: @cfree94 / Via Netflix/Courtesy of Alamy

    9. This job requirement:

    Me: I think I will apply to jobs today Jobs:

    Twitter: @Rtayrews

    10. This hostile reply:

    The deli where I get my ham egg and cheese has dedicated most of its front counter space to $9 bottles of sprinkles. I asked the guy why and he said “it’s fuckin’ sprinkles what do you want?”

    Twitter: @AndyBCampbell

    11. This Euphoria compilation fail:

    Twitter: @njhollandayaa

    12. This reply:

    Told a guy I had body dysmorphia and he said “I love sci fi”

    Twitter: @somaddysmith

    13. This exchange that imagines what Abuela and Bruno from Encanto would be like on Twitter:

    Twitter: @incorrectcasita

    14. This water bottle fail:

    wtf I’ve been using this water bottle for 2 weeks and only today found paper instructions inside it like wtf?!

    Twitter: @LiamLambrini

    15. This proposition:

    Twitter: @manster_mash

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