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    Yikes, These 15 People Had A Rough Week


    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

    1. This piano label fail:

    Twitter: @musicstruggles1

    2. This review:

    3. This crooked apartment manager's fail:

    My apartment really just tried to charge me $955 for moving out 20 minutes late.. I walked straight to their corporate office, and pulled the “my lawyer will be in touch with y’all soon card” and 3 minutes later the charge was dropped... I ain’t even got a lawyer 🤣🤣🤣

    4. This label fail that doubles as a meme:

    me, approximately 19 seconds after meeting someone.

    5. This letdown:

    6. This friend's response to their friend who's struggling:

    Twitter: @nxclxe

    7. This accidental follow:

    @PolarStarRose Sorry, accidental tap!

    8. This overheard concern:

    much love to the volunteers at the vaccine place who were fussing over me & giving me little cups of water & i couldn’t figure out why until i heard one of them say “she’s white as a sheet” very worriedly & i had to tell them i was fine, i am just, medically speaking, too ginger

    9. This fright:

    i actually can’t believe i thought “wow that’s an interesting art sculpture” and then HE FUCKING MOVED

    10. This dislike fail that Lil Nas X took in stride:

    thank u to everyone who made this possible. i am nothing without you guys lack of support. 🤍

    11. This shirt...

    Twitter: @FrickinDelanie

    12. This outlook:

    13. This awk interview moment:

    14. This crisis the other day:

    I uninstalled Snapchat bc it wasn’t working and now the App Store won’t work 🤡

    Twitter: @Steph_Howlter

    15. And lastly, this employer's fail:

    The email my sister got from a landscaping company job she applied for vs. The one she sent back 💀

    @dzzzny / Via Twitter: @dzzzny

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