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    16 Funny Fails From This Week

    The desktop — WOW.

    1. This viral Emmy loss from Ramy Youssef:

    2. This cone invention:

    this is a diva cup

    3. This Grindr message:

    4. This whole TikTok, like WTF:

    5. This tribute fail:

    Feeling kinda sentimental about the fact that I will never see another tweet as bad as this

    6. And this one, too:

    7. This thread:

    8. This dating moment of relief:

    omfg he wasnt ghosting me he just got arrested

    9. This alligator's fail (thankfully):

    Imagine running for your life and this is the fastest you can go

    10. This school's drill:

    My brother has a fire drill tomorrow on zoom LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

    11. This rough night:

    I spent $600 dollars on booze, lost my keys, and thirst tweeted lil dicky last night. grounded until further notice.

    12. This shady folder placement from a mother-in-law:

    13. This whole description:

    just got my first covey test and chile when that thing hit the back of my nussy (nose pussy)..............

    14. These paper towels, WOW:

    I accidentally bought inspirational paper towels and I am FURIOUS

    15. This online class altercation:


    poor guy was jus tryna teach😂 #fyp #zoom

    ♬ original sound - sky

    16. And lastly, this quality time fail:

    When your girl wants to spend time with you but it’s the playoffs...

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