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    16 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    The emoji email — NO.

    1. First off, the presidential debate itself was the biggest fail of the week:

    This debate is just every conversation I’ve had with a narcissistic ex

    2. This shoot-your-shot fail:

    3. This emoji fail :) :)

    4. This cute little candle fail:

    5. This dinner set fail:

    my kid just unwrapped her new peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a french version and now it says groin groin groin all over the plates and cup ffs

    6. This hopefully-just-a-joke fail:

    Air fryer went out yesterday, so I’m trying something new!

    7. This vintage snowball fight fail:

    Dang, bike dude gets annihilated

    8. This mesh mask fail from Lana Del Rey:

    9. This OnlyFans fail:

    10. This whole setup fail on Wendy, OMG:

    Karen walking into the Chum Bucket after getting a new software update

    11. This job-hunting fail:

    12. This wrong email fail:

    i just accidentally emailed this picture to my teacher i'm gonna Get obliterated next week please i'm Crying /hj

    13. This bike fail:

    14. This niece's art appreciation fail:

    i texted my niece my art and this was her response:

    A niece responding "Stop showing off — I'm going to sleep," when her aunt texts her a pic of her art

    15. This shit-talking cat owner fail:

    We found a cat and I texted the owner and he just started talking shit about his cat 😭😭😭

    An owner bad-mouthing their cat

    16. And lastly, this relatable anniversary fail:

    Prayers for my husband who very tragically got me nothing for our anniversary when I specifically told him I wanted nothing for our anniversary.