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    15 Hysterical Fails From This Week

    Ouch, the gymnastics fail.

    1. This Grindr fail:

    2. This highway sign fail:

    They really put this shit on the freeway like all of us wouldn’t take our phones out while traveling at 65+ miles an hour and take a dumbass picture

    3. This hilarious fail:


    4. This mother-daughter condom situation fail:

    And this was my moms reaction to me giving her a condom 😭

    5. This housewives identification fail:

    BTW “woman yelling at a cat” is me

    6. This banking fail:

    My mom sent me this text last year and I still think about it sometimes 😂

    7. This SVU character fail:

    obsessed w law & order svu character 'cop who cant read names'

    8. This Insta-creepin' fail:

    i went scrolling through my exes ig and went far down like years and then i accidentally liked a pic and i didn’t know what to do so i changed my whole page to look like an israel propaganda bot

    9. This gymnastics fail:

    10. This Halloween couple costume fail that was actually a win:

    our costume ideas were a little different!

    11. This baseball fail that was actually a win:

    This dude decided to let this missile drill him instead of dropping his beers. Respect.

    12. This Tinder fail:

    13. And this Tinder bio fail:

    I’m cackling. This girl legit CHOKED me during a rugby match then proceeded to USE IT AS HER TINDER PROFILE photo.

    14. This professor's fail:

    I slipped and accidentally said “deuces bitch” to a student leaving my office yesterday. Today, he and all of his friends have started endearingly greeting me by saying “sup bitch”. I think I need to quit my job...

    15. And lastly, this meeting fail:

    I was in a meeting today and i accidentally said “foreskin” instead of foresight, so that’s it y’all win

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