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    Updated on Apr 1, 2020. Posted on Mar 30, 2020

    13 Fails From This Week

    Demi crashing the live, OMG.

    Obviously, fails are one of the best parts of the internet. Here are some of the best from this week:

    1. This mug fail:

    2. This cough fail:

    That boy tried his hardest to hold that cough in...😂😂

    3. This idea fail:

    4. This son's fail:

    Matt Levine, 21, went to Texas on a spring break trip even though his dad urged him not to When Matt returned to NY, his dad refused to pick him up from the airport and has since told him he's not allowed to stay at home where his grandparents also live.

    5. This adorable fail from Demi:

    Demi Lovato’s rumored boyfriend Max Ehrich was on IG Live and Demi Lovato accidentally popped in. 👀

    6. This concept fail:

    Isolation Day 6. I’ve had enough

    7. This idea fail:

    Starting a non-essential business during a pandemic >>>>>>>>>

    8. This jealousy fail:

    It’s official that’s she’s gone crazy

    9. This ex communication fail:

    haven’t spoken to my ex in 3 years but she felt the need to come into my life & ruin my peace this saturday

    10. This relatable fail:

    How’s quarantine going I hear you asking? 🤭

    11. And this one, too:

    Not my ex blocking me on everything from IG to Apple Music 💀

    12. This catfishing fail:

    Folks, folks, folks. Look. I can’t stop you from using my pictures to catfish your ex. But 34? I’m offended.

    13. And lastly, this "banana bread" fail:

    That’s great, but what the FUCK is this????

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