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    14 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    "Ight I'mma head out" is not a test answer.

    1. This test fail:

    2. This cake fail:

    i went out for my birthday and i’m vegan so they gave me a single slice of banana instead of cake

    3. This fan fail:

    dumbest bitch award goes to me😩🤣

    4. This cleaning fail:

    Y’all..... why would my kid say this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    5. This dunk fail:

    6. This shit-talking fail:

    7. This bush fail:

    8. This DM fail:

    9. This flex fail:

    The announcers were NOT having Kevin Porter Jr. flexing down 40

    10. This Laura Dern fail:

    who does Laura Dern think baby yoda is

    11. This babysitter fail:

    Tell me I am not the best babysitter 😭🙏🏾 Someone drop their badass kid off to my spot in LA 🤪 The kids love me!

    12. This Tinder bio fail:

    New tinder bio surely has to work

    13. And finally, this fail that was still amazing:

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