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    16 Fails From This Week That Are Hilarious And Tragic

    The signs this

    1. This store security fail:

    note the casual entry and hurried exit this is an experienced seagull shoplifter

    2. This relationship fail update:

    He cheated on her

    3. This mask fail:

    4. This scary sibling fail:

    Y’all my little sister done poured bleach in the family fish tank and her explanation was “the fish was looking at me wrong”.....she 12

    5. This fail from Nikocado Avocado:

    6. This mix-up fail:

    For a long time, and I won’t say for how long exactly, I’m ashamed to admit I thought the phrase “fringe benefits” was “French benefits”

    7. This outfit, which is half fail, half serve:

    8. This eerie audience fail:

    9. This park sign fail:

    10. This awkward Siri fail:

    11. This tweet fail:

    A tweet getting 2 likes, which means "ugly"

    12. This cooking fail:

    this is why i don’t cook bruh. my dumbass forgot plastic melts and i put the pizza on a plastic tray

    13. This wife's project fail:

    I love my wife very much, but over the past few weeks she has been making a long furby for a friend's birthday and it has made living here very uncomfortable

    14. This tragic Los Angeles Times headline:

    15. This sad texting realization fail:

    she went from “LMFAOOAA” to “lmao” she don’t want me no more

    16. And lastly, this super-relatable sign fail:

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