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Just 11 Mega Awkward Moments From The 2022 Emmy Awards

I am so annoyed with Jimmy Kimmel...

The year's Emmys were definitely one for the books — but not without a few awkward moments. Here are some of the best:

Zendaya accepting an Emmy

1. Before the show, Maddy Morphosis caused a little stir with this tweet:

the d-list celebs have arrived babyyy

Variety / NBC / E!

Maddy soon after clarified with a tweet that read, "Y’all need to calm down. I’m talking about the bottom 13. Ru, Michelle and Willow are real celebs."

2. Host Kenan Thompson's musical opening of the show, um, didn't exactly land well with people:

I feel like I missed some very important context for what exactly this Emmys opening is

Twitter: @AlexClearfield
Twitter: @thisismeryan13

The Emmys opening is giving WGA writer strike

Twitter: @schlife

This opening dance routine is making me hate TV history, was that the goal?

Twitter: @emilynussbaum

3. Kenan introduced Oprah as the "Queen of All Thrones" — the same week Queen Elizabeth II died:

Kenan wearing a Game of Thrones wig and calling Oprah the Queen of All Thrones

4. Kenan made a risqué joke about Zendaya and Leonardo DiCaprio:

Kenan talking

This was Zendaya's reaction:

Zendaya with her head in her hands

5. Later in the show, Kenan's joke about Regina Hall got crickets — and acknowledged it — after telling this joke:

Kenan making a joke and acknowledging the one person in the back who laughed

6. People called out the bizarre pacing and transitions of the show:

Twitter: @tonypraysick

This #Emmys2022 is ROUGH! The opening was…weird. The transitions are abrupt & make no sense from trailers & nominees to presenters. This Emmys show isn’t going to, um, win any Emmys.

Twitter: @kmstammen

7. Lizzo read a random line off the teleprompter about someone being a "big girl" when presenting:

Lizzo saying she didn't write the line about the big girl

8. Jennifer Coolidge said this when winning her first Emmy:

Jennifer Coolidge saying she took a lavender bath and it made her swell up

9. And then the Emmys had the nerve to play her off the stage with barely any time to thank people!!! Luckily, she handled it like a champ:

Jennifer Coolidge deciding to dance when the #Emmys attempted to play her off is a truly perfect moment

Twitter: @JarettSays

10. People criticized the fact that the In Memoriam segment seemed to focus more on John Legend's vocal performance over those who had died:

I miss when @TheEmmys @TelevisionAcad ran their #inmemoriam as a focus on the people that were lost, rather than artistically shooting a live musical performance. Not against Mr Legend, just think the In Memoriam people deserved to be featured. Couldn’t see half the people/names.

Twitter: @CoryB2679

I’d rather see the reel of the people we lost instead of shots of the audience, the candles on the table, or John Legend singing and playing the piano during the In Memoriam. The focus should be on those we lost not the room. Is that so hard to do. #Emmys

Twitter: @flurryheaven

Dear awards show directors: when you do the In Memoriam segment, maybe laser focus on the departed (and give each a full screen shot) instead of on the living musical accompanists.

Twitter: @JudyHallHoward

And, ugh, lastly:

11. Presenter Jimmy Kimmel — while still doing a bit about being drunk because he lost — laid on the ground while Quinta Brunson accepted her history-making Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series:

Jimmy Kimmel lying on the ground while others like Quinta Brunson look at him

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