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15 "Ellen" Moments That Now Have Me Side-Eyeing Hard

No...just no.

Last month, BuzzFeed News published "Former Employees Say Ellen’s 'Be Kind' Talk Show Mantra Masks A Toxic Work Culture," an investigative piece about the alleged toxic workplace environment at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After these allegations, people have been re-examining Ellen and her talk show. Here are some moments you may or may not have seen that'll have you side-eyeing real quick:

1. When she shamed an audience member for taking more than one piece of free merch from her shop:

Ellen showing an audience member taking more than one free piece of merch

2. When Ellen put up Justin Bieber's nudes on the screen, like NOT OK:

Justin Bieber asking Ellen, "Why are you putting me on the spot like this?"

3. When she had Mariah Carey drink alcohol to prove she wasn't pregnant:

Remember when Mariah came pregnant on Ellen's show in 2008 and she tried to force her to drink alcohol to prove she wasn't? Despise all of Mariah's refusing to take part... She had a miscarriage weeks later.

4. When she mocked Celine Dion's son's hair, saying it's too long:

Ellen asking Celine Dion when she's going to cut her son's hair

5. When she said this pretty ageist comment to Martha Stewart:

Ellen asking Martha Stewart if she's sexted

6. When Ellen said this to Sean Hayes:

Sean Hayes telling Ellen, "I think [Will and Grace] was on longer than your sitcom"

7. When she asked Blake Shelton about a clock that she "gave" him:

Blake Shelton telling Ellen, "You didn't give [a personalized clock] to me"

8. When she iconically asked Dakota Johnson why she didn't invite her to her birthday party — even though she did:

Dakota Johnson and Ellen about to throw hands

9. When she asked Wendy Williams if her son is embarrassed by her:

Ellen asking Wendy, "Is [your son] proud of you or do you embarrass him sometimes?"

10. And when Kathy Griffin did an interview where Ellen focused on her "biting" and "mean-spirited" brand of humor the whole time:

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11. When she made fun of Kylie Jenner's hair and grabbed it:

Ellen grabbing Kylie Jenner's hair

12. When she forgot Katy Perry was married:

Katy Perry reminds Ellen she gave her wedding gifts

13. When her producers reportedly told Calum Scott not to look Ellen in the eye:

I was backstage, and the stage manager was walking with me as I was just about to go on the show. I told him, "I can’t believe I’m getting to do this," and he was like, "Yeah, it’s so amazing, but remember not to look Ellen in the eye — everything else is fine, but just don’t look her in the eye."

14. When she ambushed Ariana Grande with an interview, which she wasn't set to do (she was only supposed to perform):

Ariana Grande telling Ellen she "wasn't prepared" to talk about her personal life

15. And lastly, when she put up a slide show of Taylor Swift's rumored boyfriends, knowing full-well how the media has shamed Taylor, and had her "ring a bell" for every guy she's "dated":

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