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Ellen Page Called Chris Pratt Out On Twitter For Supporting An Anti-LGBT Church

"Maybe address that too?"

Last week, Ellen Page's interview with Stephen Colbert went viral after she called out leaders who promote hate.

.@EllenPage is fed up with leaders who promote hatred and intolerance. #LSSC

In the interview, Ellen said she's lucky to have the time and privilege to speak out.

Well on Friday, the Hollywood Reporter tweeted an article about Chris Pratt talking to Colbert about his "spiritual side":

Ellen quote-tweeted the article to call out Pratt and his church, which she says is "infamously anti LGBT":

Oh. K. Um. But his church is infamously anti lgbtq so maybe address that too?

Pratt's church, Zoe, is modeled after Hillsong, according to its founder. Hillsong states that homosexuality is a sin, and does not allow gay members to hold leadership roles.

People praised her for speaking up.

Netflix should give Ellen Page a show where she just goes around blowing up the causal homophobia of other celebs. Call it "Come Ellen High Water" or whatever.

Ellen Page said you homophobes can breathe when I let you

I second this.

Chris Pratt has yet to respond. We will follow this story and update it if he does.