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    Ellen DeGeneres Called Out Lady Gaga For Ignoring Her And It's Kinda Awkward

    Adasojdklsa uncomfortable.

    Ok, so you prob know Lady Gaga is currently promoting A Star Is Born.

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    And on Tuesday, she will be appearing on Ellen for the first time in years.


    Well, in one of the TV teasers for the upcoming show, they showed a clip of the interview. In the snippet, Ellen kinda calls out Gaga.

    Ellen said, "We saw each other at Jimmy's wedding. I texted you after Jimmy's wedding. Remember we said we're gonna get together and I never heard from you?"


    Yikes. As soon as she said that, Gaga looked like she started breathing heavier.


    Then Ellen called her out again, saying: "I saw the movie the other night. I texted Bradley. Bradley got right back to me. Got back to me immediately. Texted you โ€” nothing. You never text me back."


    Gaga's reaction is all of us getting called out for ignoring our friends.


    And so is her response:


    LOL but Ellen kept going: "I thought maybe I had the wrong number...because why would you not respond to me?


    Luckily, Gaga took the playful call-out well.


    I mean, honestly though, imagine Gaga's inbox lately?? It's probably chock full of praise from a billion celebs. Ugh, legend.

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    You can watch Gaga's interview with Ellen on Tuesday!

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