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    17 Times John Mayer And Andy Cohen's Friendship Improved My Quality Of Life

    These two give me life.

    1. When John was Andy's wingman:

    2. When Andy's gratefulness knew no bounds:

    3. When John hacked Andy's Insta:

    4. When John was best-friend-level honest with Andy:

    5. And when John made Andy breakfast at his house:

    6. When Andy was loyal AF and wouldn't spill the tea on John's relationship with Katy Perry:

    7. When they celebrated Pride together:

    8. When they Periscoped their whole road trip:

    9. When John almost made Andy cry:

    10. When they went to Riviera Maya together:

    11. When Andy wore this and John was 100% here for it:

    12. When they posted up in this fire pic:

    13. And for this fire selfie:

    14. When John Mayer was jealous of Andy's "work friends":

    15. When John Mayer surprised Andy for his 50th birthday on Watch What Happens Live, which airs next week.

    16. When they shared this kiss:

    17. And then when John serenaded him with a rendition of "It's My House" by Diana Ross.

    18. And last but not least, when they couldn't decide on who's the Oprah and the Gayle of their friendship: