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18 Pictures That'll Make You Say "Only In College"

College is a verrrry special place.

1. Let's start with the classes. College courses can be pretty interesting:

2. A lot of the times, lectures are less strict:

3. Like, people wear whatever they want.

4. Yup...

5. The professors tend to not give a fuck:

6. Like at all:

7. In college, this happens more:

8. The night before an exam is a little more intense.

9. Your classmates sometimes come and go:

10. But because of the #struggle, the bond you have with them in college is special.

11. In college, people are super stressed about schoolwork — no matter where they are:

12. Because your schedule is the worst:

13. The displays in the dorms are definitely different from HS classroom decoration:

14. In high school, you go home to a nice home-cooked meal. In college, it might look something like this...

15. And in college, you're lucky if you have something to eat it with:

16. ...because this is probably what your finances in college look like:

17. And, of course, parties in college are crazier than in high school:

18. LET'S BE REAL: College is the best time of your life!