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18 People Who Are Assholes, But, Like, Really Funny Assholes

Tip: Don't shoot your shot on someone's anniversary Instagram.

DISCLAIMER: When I say asshole, I mean it in a more "you're a savage" way. Also, I'm saying you're funny.


So don't be offended!

1. This Uber driver:

2. And this ruthless roommate:

3. This cruel cousin:

my cousin kept sayin some stupid shit so i shut his mouth

4. This brutally honest mom:

5. And this unfazed grandpa:

6. This genius conversationalist:

7. And this genius prankster:

I have a bio experiment with lima beans and jokingly put it on snap saying it was molly and someone actually hmu fo…

8. This savage bf:

9. This one, too:

This is how my boy friend "took care of me" when I got blacked out lol

10. And one more:

11. This disappointed professor:

Lmaooo 💀😂 my professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

12. This savage Shirley:

Fucksake Shirley don't hold back 😭😂

13. This guy, who decided to shoot his shot on someone's ANNIVERSARY post:

Did this guy really just try to shoot his shot on my anniversary post lmao

14. And this guy, who decided to shoot his shot to 39 different girls:

15. This mom, who just doesn't give a fuck:

my ex posted a pic of him & his newest fling on facebook, & the caption was “ain’t she pretty” & my mom’s petty ass…

16. And this person, who doesn't give a fuck either:

17. These legends:

18. And this hilarious jerk, who didn't have to call her out like that 😂😂😂:

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