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18 Movie Scenes That Are Too Fucked-Up For Words

BEWARE: There's a lot of fucked-up shit in this post (and some spoilers).

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most fucked-up movie scene they've ever seen. Here are the results.

1. Iron Jawed Angels (2004):


"The force feeding scene in Iron Jawed Angels. Watched it in class and have never squirmed harder."


2. Hannibal (2001):

MGM Studios

"At the end of Hannibal when Anthony Hopkins removes the top of Ray Liotta's skull and eats a part of his brain WHILE HE'S STILL ALIVE!!!! Oh, and then he feeds Liotta a piece of his own brain!"


3. Saw II (2005)

Twisted Pictures

"Saw II — the hypodermic needle scene. YIKES."


4. American Mary (2012):

IndustryWorks Pictures

"American Mary, when the guy was suspended by the ceiling by his skin and had all of his limbs amputated and his mouth sewn shut."


5. Se7en (1995):

Juno Pix

"Ending scene of Se7en, where Brad Pitt's character opens the box with his wife's head in it."


6. The Isle (2000):

Myung Film Company Ltd.

"In a Korean movie The Isle — the woman puts a fishing hook up her vagina and then pulls it out."


7. Final Destination 3 (2006)

New Line Cinema

"The scene from Final Destination 3, where she gets trapped in the tanning bed."


8. Cabin Fever (2002):


"Cabin Fever, when that girl is shaving her legs and her skin starts coming off — and she still kept trying to shave."


9. Mother (2017):

Protozoa Pictures

"The post-delivery scenes from Mother!, where the mob takes the baby and kills it."


10. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999):


"The boat scene in The Talented Mr Ripley. I will never watch that movie again."


11. Gozu (2003):


"This scene from Gozu. The whole movie is a nightmare, really."


12. In My Skin (2002):

Lazennec & Associés

"There is this French film, called In My Skin (Dans Ma Peau). It is one of the most insane films I’ve ever seen. I had to watch it in a French cinema class I took. After several gruesome/eerie scenes, there is one where she basically starts to eat her own arm."


13. Don't Breathe (2016):

View this video on YouTube

"The entire ending of Don’t Breathe, but specifically that turkey baster scene."


14. The Human Centipede (2009):

Six Entertainment

"The Human Centipede for sure. The whole movie was super creepy."


15. VHS (2012):

8383 Productions

"The first scene in the movie VHS, when the girl from the bar becomes a demon and brutally murders everyone."


16. Raw (2016):

Petit Film, Petit FIlm

"In the movie Raw, the scene where the main character accidentally cuts her sister’s finger off and then eats it."


17. Hostel (2005):

Hostel LLC

"The Hostel movie series. The eyeball scene."


18. Clown (2015):

Cross Creek Pictures

"In Clown, when the demon clown is in the play structure of Chuck E. Cheese and you just see a river of blood flowing down the slide because he's literally ripping children apart and eating them."


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