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    Updated on Oct 30, 2018. Posted on Nov 27, 2017

    18 Celebrity Interviews That Turned Crazy

    TBT to Joan Rivers telling an interviewer to shut up.

    1. When Sacha Baron Cohen spilled ashes on Ryan Seacrest while being interviewed.


    2. When Burt Reynolds threw his drink on Marc Summers, after Marc mocked Burt's divorce on Jay Leno.

    3. When Tom Cruise got sprayed in the face with water during an interview:


    4. When NFL player Jim Everett attacked an interviewer who repeatedly and purposely kept calling him the wrong name.

    5. When Drew Barrymore stood up on David Letterman's desk during her interview and then flashed him:


    6. And when Jerry Lawler slapped Andy Kaufman on Letterman.


    7. When Courtney Love threw makeup at Madonna during her VMA interview and then proceeded to crash the interview.


    8. When Joan Rivers told an interviewer to "shut up" after the reporter called out Joan's fur:


    9. When Harry Belafonte literally fell asleep during this interview:


    10. And when Tony Goldwyn did the same on Ellen.


    11. When Wendy Williams and Omarosa got into a plastic surgery back-and-forth catfight on Wendy.


    12. When Tom Cruise iconically said this to Matt Lauer:


    13. When interviewers called Cara Delevingne "exhausted" and she was like, um????

    Good Day Sacramento

    14. When an interviewer asked Paris Hilton, "Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?" and she walked out.


    15. When Ryan Lochte said this in an interview:

    16. When Gene Simmons talked about sleeping with other women in front of his wife, causing her to walk off set:


    17. And when Nick Jonas destroyed an iPad as a way of pranking ABC's Josh Elliot?????


    18. And last but not least, when Ellen was interviewing Jeff Corwin on her show and this happened:


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