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Dua Lipa Is Facing Backlash For Traveling A Lot During A Pandemic And Now It's A Meme

"I blink and this girl is in a different place."

Listen, I actually really love Dua Lipa — like, the level right under stanning is where I'm at.

And as a fan, I need to just remind her: Dua, Dula, Miss Peep, there is a pandemic right now.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Travel can increase your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19."

Well, Dua is constantly traveling:

Like, every month it seems she's somewhere new:

Like, HELLO???

She's also been hanging in groups, which we've all been advised to avoid:

Twitter: @DUALIPA
Dua in Mexico

People have started to notice, and Dua's faced backlash on Twitter:

Dua Lipa has been on more vacations during this pandemic than I’ve been on my whole life

Dua Lipa having the audacity to tell us to stay at home when she’s been in about 4 different continents over the pandemic.

Twitter: @GraceGoodwin20

no one traveled as much during a pandemic as dua lipa, I blink and this girl is in a different place https://t.co/n5k8Klr0f9

Twitter: @deadpoetssciety

i love dua lipa and i love future nostalgia but she needs to stop travelling so much we are in a pandemic sweetie

Twitter: @hearthandsswift

It's even become a meme:

dua lipa trying to stay in her house during the global pandemic

Twitter: @JacquesRep

dua lipa deciding which country to travel to in the middle of a global pandemic next

Twitter: @celIophne

dua lipa planning her schedule during a pandemic

Twitter: @sonnipouy

Dua, please set an example and try and avoid traveling, luv. We'll keep you updated if Dua decides to take our advice.