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    "This Is Uncomfortable": Dua Lipa And Cher Met For The First Time, Just Months After Cher Shaded Dua

    "The way she went for a hug and Cher stuck out her hand to stop that from happening."

    You know Dua Lipa — pop icon and hitmaker. And you know Cher, pop legend and queen.

    Back in August, someone tweeted about Dua being the "Cher of our generation." Well, rather than agree or say something nice, Cher — as she was entitled to — responded with this shady tweet:

    @IAmXtiaw @DUALIPA How many yrs are in a generation 🤔

    Twitter: @cher

    For the record, they're often compared by many people.

    Now, seven months later, the two met at the Versace Fall/Winter 2023 Show, and people are pointing out how awkward it was:

    Dua Lipa and Cher at the Versace aw23 show!

    @duadoingthings /

    In the clip, Dua appears to go for a hug, but Cher gives a handshake:

    Then Dua looks at the camera:

    Dua Lipa and Cher

    One tweet with more than 66,000 likes read, "Dua was about to hug her, but then she remembered the tweet."

    dua was about to hug her but then she remembered the tweet

    Twitter: @yassnito / Via @duadoingthings /

    @PopBase dua wanted to hug her😭😭😭😭

    Twitter: @enunacrisis

    @PopBase This was so uncomfortable to watch

    Twitter: @moderncolon123

    @PopBase lol the way she went for a hug and Cher stuck out her hand to stop that from happening

    Twitter: @adam_atems

    People were dying at how Dua looked at the camera after:

    @yassnito the look into the camera 💀💀💀

    Twitter: @M0N0JT / Via @duadoingthings / / NBC

    @yassnito Awkward smile after that handshake. Uffff

    Twitter: @SrBrowman / Via @duadoingthings /

    What did you make of the interaction? Let me know in the comments below!