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Drake Just Called Out A DJ On His Instagram Live

"Dip from my live."

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Earlier this month, Drake released a two-track EP called Scary Hours, which featured the songs "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity."

Apparently, there was segment on their podcast that discussed whether Drake was "falling off."

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This person breaks down how the song allegedly disses the two hosts:

I’ve seen budding (Budden) careers Judging they peers (Everyday Struggle) Knowledge from n*ggas Who did not contrib…


People loved the moment.

drake telling dj akademiks to leave his live in front of fifty thousand people is the highlight of tonight

@IamAkademiks Drake: “Yo Akademiks, dip from my live bro. I don’t really rate you like that bro. Real talk Dip from…

@IamAkademiks Drake tells DJ Akademiks to “dip from my live..” 😂