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Don't Tip Your Server 20% During A Pandemic — Tip More

Let me explain.

BuzzFeed — and I — obviously want you to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. However, since restrictions have loosened up in some areas, a lot of people are going to restaurants and eating/drinking outside.

Server wearing a mask serves two people outside

Here's why you shouldn't be tipping 20% if you're dining out:

1. It's not like they're doing more work or anything:

A server carries a tray of four meals

2. They're not exposed to strangers, who may or may not be practicing the proper pandemic protocol:

A server serves two men not wearing masks

3. It's not like they have to take extra trips or deliver drinks and food in longer distances because everything is outdoors now:

Server delivering drinks across the street

4. They never have to deal with stupidity:

customers really come up to me and ask “when this whole covid thing gonna be over?” Lmfao bro idk let me go ask my manager

5. Or ignorance:

6. People are probably understanding and cooperative:

List of reasons customers complained (Part 2) -I told them they had to pay inside -a SIDE of STEAK didn’t come with his meal -I looked a little sweaty (it was 95 out, you’re the reason I’m sweating) -a bird was chirping too loud -the fries were touching the burger @TipOrGoHome

7. Like, super chill:

I know some of you are still out of work, but fear not. The customers are still the same. Only they’ve gone from seating themselves at the only dirty table in the restaurant to asking you to speed up the CDC regulations of time between being sat at a sanitized table @TipOrGoHome

8. They're def making more money (this is someone's recent paycheck)!

9. Like, servers notoriously ALWAYS make good tips. This was a few days ago, BTW:

My friend is a server making minimum wage during a pandemic and there are really people like this

10. It's not like they're dealing with the fact that they have to wear a mask to protect you — while you are able to take yours off at the table:

 A server serves two people while wearing a mask

11. It's not like rain affects their business — they make the same regardless!

The thing that really sucks about restaurants having to seat everyone outside is that on rainy nights they get zero business. Worth it not to spread a pandemic, but man, I feel bad for servers and bartenders these days.

12. Yeah, definitely easier, if the restaurant stays open:

A server delivering drinks in the rain

13. They've gotta get hazard pay (aka extra pay for working during a pandemic) — right?!

14. They prob don't have additional sidework/cleaning to do during work:

 A server sanitizes chairs

15. Or extra setup:

16. And lastly, it's not like they're scared they're going to catch the coronavirus while trying to make a living — not stressful at all!