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    Taylor Swift Did Not One But Two Sneaky Things On Insta Recently And I'm Shook

    Did you catch them?

    OK, you know how Selena Gomez has that new song "Fetish"?

    Interscope Records

    And you know how Taylor is obsessed with the number 13?

    Big Machine Records

    Well, the other day, Taylor came out of her social media hiatus to post this:

    So naturally, I analyzed the shit out of it to see if there were any 13-related things.

    Big Machine Records

    There were TWO.

    Big Machine Records

    First of all, she posted it three days ago, aka July !!!!!!!!!13!!!!!!!!!!

    Second, the caption.


    Ugh, T, you almost had us.

    Big Machine Records
    1. Did you notice these two things?

      Did you notice these two things?

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    Did you notice these two things?
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