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Demi Lovato Posted Pictures Of Her "Stretch Marks, Extra Fat, And Cellulite" And I Couldn't Love Her Any More


Demi Lovato. You know her as a queen of vocals, not being sorry, and body positivity.

Just recently, people praised Demi for posting pictures of her "no more dieting thighs" on Insta:

And on Friday, Demi shared more pictures that promoted body positivity. This one said, "No thigh gap for me."

Another picture showed her "stretch marks and extra fat."

The other showed her cellulite.

After posting the pix, she posted this message, encouraging others to embrace their real selves.

Can we just give Demi a slow clap real quick? First of all, with how toxic the internet can be, this is BRAVE!

Comedy Central

Second, she's one of the few pop stars who is sharing real, unedited pictures to promote body positivity. And for that, she DESERVES PROPS!


Love you, Demi!

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