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    Scheduling Meetings With No Clear Agenda, And 15 Other Things People Want You To Stop Doing At Work

    Stop asking work questions in the bathroom...

    Look, we love everybody, but sometimes our coworkers can annoy the hell out of us. We spend so much time with each other, so it's only natural. Reddit user u/volsom asked, "What thing does your coworker do that pisses you off?"

    People gave some pretty spot-on examples. Here are the best:

    1. "When they schedule meetings with no clear agenda. Meeting begins: 'So what do we need to talk about?' I don't know! You were the one who called this meeting!"


    2. "Staples. Fucking staples everything. Single pages, two pages that have no relation to each other, a staple just for fun into the side of a cardboard box. Staples everywhere."


    3. "My coworker sips on the same XL Tim Hortons tea. But they sip super loud, then smacks their lips and sighs. It's CONSTANT."


    4. "Uses speakerphone all the time. Doesn't bother me that they take personal calls, but I wish they would step away and keep it private. Instead they stay at their desk and use speakerphone on their cell."


    5. "Come into the bathroom while I'm pooping to ask me a question in a multi-stall bathroom."


    6. "Receive an email from co-worker. Three seconds later, a knock on the outside of my cubical from my co-worker. 'Hey, did you get that email I sent you?'"


    7. "Turns the heat up as far as it goes. Years of me coming into the office and being greeted by a humid cloud of WTF. Before I can get to the thermostat, my eyes are sweating. I finally approached the person with a, 'What the hell is wrong with you and the heat? Are you a lizard?' They still do it."


    8. "My coworker eats popcorn with a spoon."


    9. "MLM parties. One of the ladies in my office is super into this crap. She works for one that sells jewelry, and also frequently hosts others for stuff like Mary Kay. Her newest fascination is essential oils, combining MLM crap with medical snake oil."


    10. "We have a new guy on a term position that complains to HR about EVERYTHING. Last week, he filed a complaint that one of our workers said the word 'shit.' It offended him that that language was used so 'freely,' he said. The employee who said it had just dropped all their papers and there were no clients present. Big fucking deal."


    11. "Take their shoes off. Keep your fucking shoes on at work, dude."


    12. "Talk down to me. We're the same age, and they're not the manager or anything, but sometimes they'll talk to me the way a rich person would talk to a servant and then has the nerve to get mad when I tell them no or I don't answer how they want."


    13. "When they try to talk to me when I have my headphones in."


    14. "Talks all the time. He will talk about anything. Guns, women, rowing machines, or really anything that is relevant to what he did last night including what porns he watched."


    15. "There's this woman that sits across the room from me, and she does not stop singing! All the time! And it's not even quiet, she belts it out as loud as she pleases."


    And lastly:

    16. "Being passive aggressive when there's an issue at work instead of communicating directly."


    What other coworker pet peeves do you have? Let me know in the comments below!