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    13 Times Morning Shows Were Controversial As Hell

    Matt Lauer to Sandra Bullock: "The major thing that's changed since you've been here last: I've now seen you's now my screensaver."

    This week, Justin Sylvester lit off a fire storm of debate after he pushed cohost Jenna Bush Hager during a cooking segment on TODAY.

    Twitter: @notcapnamerica / Via NBC

    Justin addressed the viral moment on Instagram. "A lot of people thought she was invading my space," Justin said. "That's actually not the truth. We were both flirting — well, I was flirting — with the chef because he was cute. I was pushing her out of the way so I could have a 1-on-1 moment with the chef. People took it the wrong way."

    Screen shot from "The Today Show"

    It got me thinking about how often drama/controversy/bizarr-ity goes down during the morning shows. From morning news shows to talk shows to those early cooking segments, here are 14 other controversial morning show moments:

    1. When Megyn Kelly asked Jane Fonda about the work she had done and got shut down:

    Jane Fonda with a flawless example of how to side-step personal questions during an interview

    NBC / Via @JarettSays

    2. When Sam the Cooking Guy was suuuper rude to Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, and even told them to stop talking:

    Sam the Cooking Guy saying, "Jesus, can I talk? Pay attention one minute."

    3. When Leslie Horton made artichoke dip, and everyone almost got sick.

    Screen shot from "Global" show

    4. When Martha Stewart had to check Wendy Williams for bringing up her age...

    Screen shot from "The Wendy Williams Show"

    5. ...and also when she returned and shaded Wendy yet again.

    Screen shot from "The Wendy Williams Show"

    6. When this chef knocked over his table on-air.

    7. When Rachael Ray made potato skins (?????) and then used them to try and get rid of this woman's gray hair.

    8. When Sandra Lee poured "two shots of vodka," which instantly became a meme:

    9. When Lena Dunham shook Maria Shriver to her core by saying the word "penis" in her interview on TODAY:

    Lena Dunham and Maria Shriver

    10. Literally just all of Aretha Franklin's 2014 morning show press tour:

    View this video on YouTube

    B. McCoy Show / Via

    11. When Savannah Guthrie asked Mady Gosselin how she was doing during the height of the Gosselin media circus, and Mady wouldn't speak:

    Kate saying, "Maddie, your words... spit it out."

    12. When Tom Cruise went on a rant about anti-depressants and called psychiatry a "pseudo-science":

    Flashback: Tom Cruise had an infamous interview with Matt Lauer on Today in 2005. During the interview, Lauer challenged Cruise about critical comments the actor had made regarding antidepressants. #TomCruiseWasRight @TomCruise #glib #antidepressants #TomCruise

    NBC / Via @MariettaDaviz

    13. And lastly, when Matt Lauer said this to Sandra Bullock when she was doing an interview for The Proposal, where Sandra has a nude scene:

    Matt Lauer interviewing Sandra Bullock