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People Are Sharing Common Things That Are Actually 100% A Scam, And Wow, I've Been Duped

I want my money back...

On Friday, Reddit user u/rock4lite asked people, "What’s a scam most people don’t even realize is a scam?" It led to people sharing things, items, "jobs," activities, etc. — stuff we've all spent time and money on — that are actually just BS scams.

Here's what they said:

1. Life coaches:

"I’m most intrigued by the vague life coaches, who use lots of big words and mention specific figures they have supposedly earned, but there is no clarity on what exactly they do."


2. These "roles":

"If someone's 'job' is based more around recruiting people for the 'company' than selling an actual product and they aren't literally a hiring manager for HR, there's a good chance they're part of a pyramid scheme." 


3. Women's anything:

"'Women's anything. 90% are just colored different. Razors are the biggest offenders IMOP." 

— u/Grondosos

4. Men's anything:

"Men’s premium brand razors, shampoo, wipes. Getting charged 2–3 times for similar products in 'manlier' packaging." 

— u/Chant1llyLace

5. Extended warranties:

"Usually you're paying extra for the warranty and extra on top of that as a 'labor cost' of whoever is fixing the device. Cheaper than a new device? Sure, but still pricey." 


6. Herbalife:

"It's an MLM."


7. Gift card fees:

"If you want to buy someone a gift card through Visa or some other company, you're paying $5.00+ as a fee before spending more money to put on the card. 'Here's your $50 gift card that cost me $57!'"


8. Diamonds:

"Diamonds are a fairly common gemstone, but the world's supplier of them is a monopoly and they hoard the majority of their stock to jack the prices up. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds but cost less because of this."


9. Superfoods:

"The concept of 'superfoods' and 'organic' anything. I work at a smoothie bowl place, and people will come in and literally pile 1,500 calories full of peanut butter and granola into a bowl and think it's healthy because they put some superfood organic something into a bowl. It's literally pumpkin granola cereal from the store down the street, it's not going to cure cancer."


10. Ordering a bottle of wine/pitchers of beer at a restaurant:

"Ordering a full carafe of wine in a restaurant. Where I work, a full carafe can fill 4–5 glasses. Ordering 5 glasses of some of our types of wine is actually $1 to $2 cheaper than the full carafe. Check the prices and do the math before ordering! Same goes for pitchers of beer."

11. Unpaid internships:

"Unpaid internships —  what the actual fuck is wrong with America?"


12. Lottery tickets:

"When I was a kid my brother would tell me the lottery is 'a tax on stupid people.'"


13. Expensive HDMI cables:

"HDMI is digital. It either works or doesn't, basically."


Did they miss any common stuff that's actually a scam? Let me know in the comments below!