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    18 Hilarious Tweets About Being In College From People In College Right Now

    OMG, college homework definitely has melatonin in it...

    We all know college is hard — like, very hard. Here are 18 college students who sum up what everyone is feeling in school right now:

    A student sitting at a library desk looking at their laptop with headphones on
    Sam Edwards / Getty Images


    College hw must got melatonin on it 😂 soon as I open my laptop I be 😴😴

    Twitter: @shay_monet01


    chilling feels illegal when you're a college student.

    Twitter: @dewditselyy


    Y’all pray for me, nothing wrong just in college 😭

    Twitter: @Jsummers11_


    College moves so fast g 😭 cause why tf are midterms next week? We just got here 😭😭

    Twitter: @prince_coriss


    teachers in high school: moving the deadline ????? ur college professors won’t tolerate this… professors in college: WAIT SORRY I STARTED THE MEETING LATE I WAS PLAYING GENSHIN

    Twitter: @maninanggal_uwu


    Twitter: @SpookyGothLoser


    Twitter: @FactsOfSchool


    college is not a real place like this has to be some kinda sick experiment

    Twitter: @rahellNO


    Twitter: @ColIegeStudent


    most of college work is trying to find the assignments

    Twitter: @zorayahresper


    i dont wanna do college anymore, i wanna be rich and have tons of sex

    Twitter: @mintlesbian


    My family always texting me “how’s college going” but never text saying “heres 300 dollars” 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Twitter: @mrcapppalott


    The school part of college is just disrespectful

    Twitter: @obidoess


    "So what kind of job do you want after college?" Me:

    Twitter: @TokoGa12


    did it hurt? when you were told you would get college tuition but got laptop batteries instead?

    Twitter: @OfficeMemes_


    my college admissions essay was like ‘i wore a back brace in junior high and therefore i, a child, should be allowed to go into six figure debt’

    Twitter: @jamieloftusHELP


    College math will have you questioning if this is really for you 😂

    Twitter: @tjwitabuck


    the only reason i go to college is to pretend im the main character with a cute outfit and my airpods in on the walk to class

    Twitter: @kaileyalycee

    In conclusion, hang in there, y'all! And good luck on midterms!

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