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    17 College Students Who Are Already Struggling In 2019

    Crying, pimples, drinking, etc.

    1. These besties pregamed class a little hard:

    Holly and I: yeah just a low key thing, one drink before class that’s it Also holly and I:

    2. These students had to trudge through class:

    Quick life update @LamarUniversity classes still NOT cancelled

    3. This guy took Snoozing 101:

    4. This person took a tumble:

    5. This guy couldn't get anything right, even when he was right:

    My parents: “How’s college going?” Me: “Great. It’s been a breeze honestly.” Reality: ...

    6. This guy said, "Screw alarms."

    “how’s college going so far”

    7. This girl had a pattern:

    8. This person got their underwear stuck to the door:

    9. This roomie was not up for a mirror selfie:

    Me: “I can’t wait to go to college and have so much fun!” College so far:

    10. This girl personified the college studying experience with one feral scream:

    11. And this person personified being broke in college:

    12. This student sent his professor a K-pop music video instead of their assignment:


    13. This guy had a little accident at SDU's golf course:

    14. This person probably bought the wrong version of the textbook:

    15. This girl got the ole college pimple:

    16. This girl and her class got played by their professor:

    “How’s college going?” Well I studied for a quiz we didn’t have only to have our professor tell us “I only told you that so y’all would memorize then.”

    17. And lastly, like most of us in the first month, this girl has already cried...a lot:

    “how’s college going. you look like you’re having so much fun !!”

    Are you also in college struggling? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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