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16 College Students Who Have Already Screwed Up

A lot of Zoom mishaps and rude professor emails.

Whether you're doing online classes because of COVID-19, or you're one of the schools who have returned to normal, these first few weeks of school are usually pretty challenging. Here are some students just trying to do their best and 2020 ain't having it:

1. This student had Wi-Fi issues during a quiz...

There’s no way bro I’m dropping this class

2. ...and the professor was rude about it:

Professor replies, "Get better Wifi access and do your assignments earlier. I will not reopen the quiz."

3. This professor was rude too:

Tell me why I emailed my college professor this really nice email about how I have a doctors appointment during her class today and she deadass replied with “Fine.”

4. This student said the test wasn't working, and the professor wasn't having it:

@mtvAdriaan Lmao I emailed my professor a day prior that the link he sent to take the test wasn’t loading or working. And he said “then I suggest you take the 0” like what ??

5. This girl accidentally did the whole semester's worth of work:

my access code for one of my classes had a 7 day free trial so i finished an entire semester’s worth of homework in one weekend

6. This professor prohibited eating:

teacher jus told me “no eating during class” bitch THIS MY HOUSE

7. This professor emailed gibberish:

8. This professor was laggggggging:

@2nylaija16 BROOOOOOOOO 💀 the way my professor was lagging by 5 whole minutes today... embarrassing

9. This person submitted Selena Gomez and Blackpink's music video:


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10. And this person submitted an unfinished quiz:


11. This guy had a painfully awkward experience with their professor:

One of my professors told me “Falon your hair looks so shiny and healthy today” and I said “thanks I have dandruff” lol Y am I so painfully awkward

12. These students tried to access the syllabus and got something very different:

One of my professors posted the syllabus today, but I guess she accidentally posted her medical record, awkward way to start the class lol

13. This person got Rick-Rolled by a classmate:

14. This student was caught saying this on Zoom:

i was singing in my class then i had the sudden urge to check if i was unmuted but while checking i accidentally clicked on unmute and i said "bro i hate myself" and everyone went silent then i realized i unmuted myself and i had the audacity to act confused like the rest LMAO

15. This girl is just trying to do her college dance class:

16. This person was caught editing a bikini on Johnny Knoxville:

I accidentally just shared my screen to my whole math class on zoom while I was editing this,, im going to fucnking end it

In conclusions, professors: Be patient and be nice in emails ;). And students: Be careful when you hit send or submit, and hang in there.