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    Chrissy Teigen Asked People For Embarrassing Stories And It's Twitter At Its Best

    "I pooped in my pants while riding in a car with my ex."

    On Sunday, Chrissy Teigen asked people to share the time they were the "most embarrassed."

    what is the most embarrassed you've ever been?

    Although Chrissy said posed the question, she was too shy to share her most embarrassing moment.

    John doesn't even know. it was hard for me to just tell him that he can never know, ever

    These people were not. Here are their hilarious answers:


    @chrissyteigen OH!!! I once tripped on the street and grabbed a passing man’s penis as I fell, he went down too... we both lay there and I didn’t know what I’d grabbed and he was screaming. That was WAY worse.


    @chrissyteigen One time after a long meeting at work I ran into the restroom backed into a stall pulling down my pants without looking behind me and almost sat on someone’s lap😳


    @chrissyteigen When I was at prom and my prom date said she would be right back and she never came back and other people knew she wasn’t coming back because she went to a party with another guy so I just sat there and then finally left. But I’m popular on Twitter now so there is that.


    @benarmishaw @chrissyteigen Mine is also while I was a waitress. It was shortly after I started and before I learned to balance the tray. As I opened the door to the patio, I tripped and dropped a pitcher of water on a customer's head.


    @chrissyteigen I farted in Hot Yoga in a room full of yummy mummies. My shorts were wet so the acoustics were terrific. I wanted to die.


    @chrissyteigen I was server at a restaurant and I was taking payment from a table. The customer reached her hand out for the receipt, but I misunderstood and instead I reached out and held her hand.


    @chrissyteigen I once credit card swiped the ass of the person in front of me. I thought it was my husband. It was not my husband.


    @chrissyteigen Doing a coffee run in a shorter red dress. As I crossed the drive thru line (coffees in hand) I tripped ONTO the hood of the car (driver behind the wheel) and my dress went over my head and coffee all over his car


    @chrissyteigen tripping over someone's child while carrying their xl pizza to the table probably takes the cake for me


    @chrissyteigen I pooped in my pants while riding in a car with my ex (she wasn’t an ex at the time). I managed to hide it but we got in an argument about why I was acting weird. Took me almost 10 years to tell her


    @SeanLowe09 @theyearofelan @chrissyteigen About 10 years ago, I was going to meet an old friend for drinks. When I was walking to her apartment, someone threw underwear wrapped in an old towel out the window at me. Fortunately, I had a clean shirt in the car.


    @chrissyteigen Im honestly still not over this lmaoo

    Me rn:


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