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15 Celebs Who Got Canceled But Didn't Deserve To

I forgot Pink was once canceled.

A few weeks ago, I wrote posts about how people were sharing examples of celebs who’d received undue backlash or who were (essentially) canceled for no good reason.

Monica Lewinsky
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People in the comments of these posts shared examples of celebs they don't think deserved such harsh cancellation. Here's what people shared:

1. Ashley Judd:

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"Ashley Judd was completely destroyed, thanks to Harvey Weinstein, after she rejected him. 'I lost career opportunity. I lost money. I lost status and prestige and power in my career as a direct result of having been sexually harassed and rebuffing the sexual harassment,' she said in an interview with ABC News."


2. Fiona Apple:

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

"Fiona Apple was bullied by the media for being mentally ill. Tabloids frequently published top-10-type articles about her 'crazy'/'bad girl' moments."


3. Shannen Doherty:

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"Shannen Doherty! The media portrayed her as a reckless, out-of-control bitch, when she was actually in abusive, toxic relationships. The press reported on her personality as if she and her character on 90210 were the same. Then, anything she did or said was just confirmation of that 'fact.' She’s continued to be dragged down through her time on Charmed and her fight with cancer."


4. The Chicks:

"The Chicks. Literally, all they did was criticize George W. Bush, and their career was over. They’ve never been able to come back from that."


5. Ingrid Bergman:

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"Ingrid Bergman was ostracized by Hollywood after her affair with Roberto Rossellini. She worked ex-US, until she came back to make Anastasia in 1965."


6. Pink:

@Pink /

"Pink was canceled at one point because of her song 'Dear Mr. President,' which called out George W. Bush. She had a right to her opinion, just like The Chicks!"


7. Dell Kid:

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"Anybody remember the Dell Kid? It was pretty obvious he smoked weed. He got arrested for buying some and was blacklisted for years."


8. Tiger Woods:

Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

"Yeah, he cheated on his wife and had a sex addiction, but he sought treatment. Tons of sponsors dropped him for something that had nothing to do with golf. I love watching him play, and he and his ex-wife are doing a great job coparenting."


9. Vanessa Hudgens:

happy(?) 1 year anniversary of this Vanessa Hudgens video

"Vanessa Hudgens shouldn’t have been canceled. She downplayed the severity of COVID, and while very insensitive, it was only during the first few weeks of quarantine in March, when there was no mask mandate, and no one thought this would last as long as it has. She apologized, and has done nothing but follow precautions since then. She has always used her platform for social justice and is overall an unproblematic person."


10. Winona Ryder:

Steve Grayson / WireImage

"She got caught shoplifting and wasn't able to rebound until Stranger Things."


11. Kathy Griffin:

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images

"Kathy Griffin — seriously. No photograph could ever merit the treatment she suffered. She lost jobs — even CNN fired her in one of the most hypocritical moves I’ve ever seen. Her friends deserted her — I’m looking at you, Anderson Cooper. She was harassed and threatened constantly. The only work she could get was overseas, and she was put on the no-fly list and had to deal with that hassle at every airport. We need to start offering her jobs again!"


12. Rebecca Black:

"I don't love 'Friday.' It's definitely a dumb, fun song, but she was 13 years old, recording a silly song with her friends for her birthday, and she was viciously attacked for months. She went on Good Morning America, and grown adults asked this CHILD on national television whether the response to the song had made her suicidal. I don't particularly care what people think about her singing. My opinion: Please check out her songs 'Saturday' or 'The Great Divide,' both of which are great. Rebecca Black deserved and deserves so much better."


13. Colin Kaepernick:

Medianews Group / Getty Images

"Every NFL franchise colluded to keep him out of the league after taking a knee during the anthem throughout the 2016 season. Didn't break any laws, didn't even break any league rules. He was blacklisted, and the only justice he received was a settlement from the NFL so he wouldn't take them to court."


14. Katherine Heigl:

Usa Network / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via

"Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think she deserved anywhere near the crap she got and still gets. All she did was speak her mind. I get that she dissed the writing [of Grey's Anatomy] in the process and kinda went the wrong way about it, but I love that she stood up for her beliefs."


15. Ashlee Simpson:

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"All she did was lip-synch on Saturday Night Live. It's annoying, but people lip-synch all the time and don't lose their careers like she did."


Well, there you have it. Now, I want you to tell me: Which celeb who got canceled DID deserve it? Let me know in the comments below!

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