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15 Celebs Who Got Canceled But Didn't Deserve To

I forgot Pink was once canceled.

A few weeks ago, I wrote posts about how people were sharing examples of celebs who’d received undue backlash or who were (essentially) canceled for no good reason.

Monica Lewinsky

People in the comments of these posts shared examples of celebs they don't think deserved such harsh cancellation. Here's what people shared:

1. Ashley Judd:

2. Fiona Apple:

3. Shannen Doherty:

4. The Chicks:

5. Ingrid Bergman:

6. Pink:

7. Dell Kid:

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Dell Commercial /

"Anybody remember the Dell Kid? It was pretty obvious he smoked weed. He got arrested for buying some and was blacklisted for years."


8. Tiger Woods:

9. Vanessa Hudgens:

happy(?) 1 year anniversary of this Vanessa Hudgens video

"Vanessa Hudgens shouldn’t have been canceled. She downplayed the severity of COVID, and while very insensitive, it was only during the first few weeks of quarantine in March, when there was no mask mandate, and no one thought this would last as long as it has. She apologized, and has done nothing but follow precautions since then. She has always used her platform for social justice and is overall an unproblematic person."


10. Winona Ryder:

11. Kathy Griffin:

12. Rebecca Black:

13. Colin Kaepernick:

14. Katherine Heigl:

15. Ashlee Simpson:

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"All she did was lip-synch on Saturday Night Live. It's annoying, but people lip-synch all the time and don't lose their careers like she did."


Well, there you have it. Now, I want you to tell me: Which celeb who got canceled DID deserve it? Let me know in the comments below!