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People Are Sharing Which Celebs They Lost All Respect For And You'll Probably Agree With Most

Featuring some hated and beloved celebs.

On Saturday, Reddit user u/MatsGry asked, "What celebrity have you lost all respect for? Why?" People gave all types of reasons — whether the celeb was rude to them personally, or said or did something problematic.

Here's what they said:

1. "After watching Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, any celebrity involved with the Scientology church is pretty off-putting."


2. "My brother is a D-tier actor in Australia. Has worked with Rebel Wilson a fair bit. He said she’s the most unpleasant person he’s ever encountered. Makes everyone treat her like an absolute diva. She also body-shamed her body double, who had gained weight in between different shoots."


3. "Dr. Phil. He exploits people. He brought the creator of Bum Fights on the show and kicked him off after showing up dressed as Dr. Phil. The guy said he and Dr. Phil did the exact same thing — Phil just hid it better. After seeing that clip, I have no respect for Dr. Phil."


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4. "Chris Brown. I can't believe he's still out there making music like nothing happened."


5. "Chevy Chase. It came out that he's more like Ellen DeGeneres, where he's pretty toxic. Plus, there are a lot of anecdotal stories of him just being a dick. Still appreciate what he did for TV and film, but he definitely got knocked down a few pegs in my books."


6. "Ellen DeGeneres. She made Taylor Swift cry and practically bullied her on live TV. She also outed Mariah Carey’s pregnancy. Need I go on? She treats her guests like trash."


7. "James Charles. He allegedly sexted a minor on Instagram."


8. "Chrissy Teigen. She was an advocate for being kind to people online, and then we all found out she had been cyberbullying Courtney Stodden amongst others."


9. "Jenny McCarthy. She's been anti-vax for years, and it's dangerous."


10. "Matt Lauer. I used to watch NBC every single morning before school for a decade, and then he does something so grossly specific as to have a button under his desk to lock people in is just. For real?!"


11. "Shia LaBeouf. I was one of the holdouts who argued he was misunderstood as an artist and a person. As soon as the FKA Twigs story came out — which alleged he was abusive and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease — I couldn’t continue to be a fan."


12. "Oprah. She endorsed Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, who are problematic in their own right."


13. "Travis Scott. He was allegedly a bystander to the deaths of a bunch of his own fans. I just can’t support someone that apathetic to the deaths of his own supporters."


14. "Demi Lovato. Don’t get me started on the frozen yogurt place fiasco. They wrongly called out a small business to their millions of followers, just because the store had 'sugar-free' products for diabetics, vegans, and those with Celiac disease."


How about you? Have you ever lost complete respect for a celeb? Tell me why in the comments below!

Responses edited for length/clarity.