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    9 Celebrity Proposals That Were Kinda Ruined By Drama Or Mishaps

    The Seth Rogen one is 10/10.

    1. Kendall Jenner faced backlash for how she acted minutes after Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's proposal:

    Sorry but Kendall is not a good sister, like how are you gonna bring up my baby daddy (who i broke up with 5 yrs ago, and who was a terrible partner to me for 7yrs) minutes after I got engaged. thank god Kim jumped in, n shut the convo down for Kourtney #TheKardashians


    Context: On The Kardashians, we saw how Kendall kept bringing up Scott Disick and asking Kourtney if she had sympathy for Scott. "It doesn't feel like you do," she said. Like, this is Kourtney's engagement and her moment!

    2. Kenya Moore was accused of ruining Cynthia Bailey's engagement on Real Housewives of Atlanta:

    So Kenya’s not evil or contrived at all and her trying to Ruin Cynthia’s engagement when she knew it was going to happen was all editing 😂 plz she’s evil. #RHOA i wish Kandi kept this energy all season with her. Kandi was fuming


    Context: Kenya said, "I feel like he might propose tonight" to Cynthia, knowing Cynthia's boyfriend was going to, thus ruining the surprise.

    3. T-Pain spoiled Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs' engagement announcement:

    Robert with his arm around FKA Twigs on the red carpet

    4. Aidy Bryant messed up her own engagement to Conner O’Malley:

    close up of Aidy during a late night interview

    5. And same with Amal with George Clooney's proposal:

    George Clooney on Ellen talking with lots of expression

    6. Matthew McConaughey had an awkward proposal to Camila Alves:

    side view of Matthew on stage being interviewed

    7. Peter Facinelli's elaborate engagement to Jaime Alexander was ruined by weather:

    the couple pose for a phone while at dinner

    8. Megan Fox dropped her own ring during Brian Austin Green's proposal on the beach in Hawaii:

    the two sitting at a dinner table

    9. And lastly, Seth Rogen awkwardly proposed to his girlfriend and put the ring on her nipple:

    Seth sitting with Conan O'Brien on the late show