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17 Times Celebrities Had Horribly Awkward Interactions With Each Other

And why exactly did Courtney Love throw makeup at Madonna?

1. When Courtney Love threw makeup at Madonna during her VMA interview...


...and then made the executive decision to crash the interview:


2. When Lil Mama invaded Jay Z and Alicia Key's performance of "Empire State of Mind" — a song she absolutely was not featured on:


3. And when Kanye West infamously invaded Taylor Swift's acceptance speech:

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

4. When Britney Spears avoided Miley's hug like the plague:


5. When Aretha Franklin did the same to Patti Labelle:


6. And when Emma Stone unsuccessfully initiated this hug/kiss combo with Damien Chazelle:


7. When Sasha Baron Cohen flew in from the ceiling and his ass landed on none other than Eminem:


8. When Chelsea Handler read Ozzy Osbourne a laundry list of all the drugs he's taken and he just sat there:


9. And when Wendy Williams tried to do the same to Whitney Houston on her radio show:

10. When Drake and Madonna made out, and he made this face:

Christopher Polk / Getty

11. And when Katy Perry set up a kissing train for One Direction when she presented them their award:


12. When Nicki Minaj iconically called out Miley, and everyone was like "Is this real?"


13. And when John Travolta iconically introduced Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem":


14. And then when he randomly kissed Scarlett Johansson:

Kevin Mazur / WireImage

15. When Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off the stage for not dancing:


16. And when Ariana Grande collided with the wings of a Victoria's Secret angel.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

17. And finally, the most uncomfortable, awkward encounter — when Tyra Banks gave Miley Cyrus a picture of herself as a gift for her 16th birthday.

#tbt when tyra banks gave miley cyrus a picture of herself for her 16th birthday

Twitter: @pcd2009

Tyra: "This symbolizes me, and I'm so proud of you."