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    Bisexual People Are Sharing The Biggest Differences Between Dating Men And Women And It's Interesting

    Featuring who's more cuddly, patient, and horny.

    On Friday, Reddit user @Bri-oche asked, "Bisexual people of reddit, what are the biggest differences between having a relationship with a man and with a woman?"


    Here's what they said:

    Note: These are their experiences and not necessarily applicable to all bisexual people.

    "I tend to be able to insult guys and joke around with guys more than I can with girls." — thedragwol5

    "Bisexual woman here: Women actually were usually hornier, and easier to talk about sex with. But could also be very emotionally demanding. Men are hot in a rough kind of way, and are kinda easier to make them happy." — potatoesinanyform

    "I can't borrow my boyfriend's clothes and shoes as easily." — So_It_Goes_13

    "Bisexual men: In my experience, relationships with men move a lot slower than relationships with women. With a man, we talk for several weeks, then we date for a month before we even discuss defining the relationship. With women, you go on two dates, and then she has a drawer at your place." — cryrabanks


    "As a man, men who've only dated women before are really easy to impress. I bought my ex dinner a few times and he just about lost his mind because no one had done that for him before. I've heard lesbians say the same thing about women, so I think it's more of a societal expectation thing than anything else." — enjollras

    "My girlfriend walks around naked more than my ex-boyfriend." — Right_In_The_Tits

    "With most of the women I dated, gift or acts of kindness were an everyday thing. Every single guy I have dated has lost their minds over the little things." — sewwhatdowehavehere

    "I found men are more direct but women show more nonsexual affection." — AnnoyedGrunt31


    "As I guy, I found I get more excited for Christmas when I date guys rather than girls because it's a mutual want and desire (you get to share most things, clothes, and video games). Women are sweeter and love little gestures more than guys. Guys just brush it off or don't notice effort." — PopcornEverywhere

    "The women I dated were generally harder to get to understand. They often said things but meant something different. The man I'm dating now just won't say things at all." — new_mexicunt

    As a bisexual girl, the biggest difference is women are usually more emotionally invested but dramatic, while guys are usually laid back and fun, but not as involved." — Prior_Inevitable

    "I'm a bi dude. Men: more straightforward, less drama, less head games. Can be really nice, but also not as exciting. Women: less straightforward, more drama, but much bigger emotional payoff when things do work out." — my-other-throwaway90


    "Women smell nicer." — ecliptica76

    "More cuddling, daily sweetnesses, and less infidelity with women. Men have been more protective." — Your_Exes_Lawyer

    If you identify as bisexual, I'd love to hear your thoughts? Any of these that you agree/disagree with? Let me know in the comments, if you're comfortable!


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.