Billie Eilish Posted Critiques Of Her Fashion On Her Instagram Story And It's Fascinating To Me

    "Trying a tad hard."

    If you know me, you know I'm a Billie Eilish stan. Til I croak. And personally, I think she's a fashion icon already at the age of 20.

    Closeup of Billie Eilish

    Anyway, I was on Billie's Instagram yesterday and noticed she was doing something really interesting — she was rating, critiquing, assessing, and dragging her own IG lewks.

    Closeup of Billie Eilish

    IDK, I found it interesting and refreshing. Here are some of the best self-critiques from Billie:

    1. "Dope. 9/10."

    2. "Adorable. Love the colors and the framing. Super cute and easy on the eyes. Found this jacket on eBay. 7/10."

    3. "I definitely didn't need to take a pic in this one — a very regular outfit, and trying a tad hard. I like the colors, though. 2/10."

    4. "This was my favorite outfit at the time. I wore this exact fit so many times, and loved it every time. Thought it was the coolest thing ever. Also thought my Vans were super cool. I wrote, 'Suck dicks, take shits!' on them, and I thought that was very cool. Wore these to see my childhood friends' parents in London and felt bad about it since. LMAO. 6/10."

    5. "OK, I don't need to explain this one to anyone. I was being me and this is what I wanted to wear, OK? 10/10 for having no regrets."

    6. "Embarrassing. 3/10."

    7. "Love this one. 9/10."

    8. "Super cute, but get that shoe off the couch?! IDK what the fuck. 9/10."

    9. "Reaching, but I think the fit was cooooool. 7/10."

    10. "Again, a bit much, but I appreciate it. 7/10."

    11. "Literally unacceptable that I wore all Louis Vuitton to meet Dapper Dan?!?! But gotta give myself props for not giving a fucking god damn shit, lmao. 6/10."

    12. "Caption: 'one of the worst outfits I put together.'"

    13. "IDK, dude, I was grasping at straws. 5/10."

    14. "Cute. 10/10."

    This was me as she was posting this.

    I personally think Billie always kills all of her looks, but it's super interesting to me to see her critique her own style.

    What did y'all think? Let me know in the comments below!

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