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    From Cara Delevingne Doing The Most To Megan Fox Cutting A Hole In Her Dress, Here Are 13 Awkward Moments From The Billboard Music Awards

    The Megan Fox texts...

    If you're like me, you love the awkward moments during awards shows. Well, the Billboard Music Awards were definitely home to some of those quality cringe/uncomfortable moments this year.

    Cara Delevingne peeking out from a Billboard Music awards sign

    1. For starters, attendees pointed out how the audience was empty. This was how it looked 16 minutes before showtime, according to one tweet:

    Are all these seats going to fill in the next 16 minutes?

    Twitter: @SoCalRoving

    2. And prior to the show, host Diddy "un-canceled" performer and winner Morgan Wallen, who faced backlash and scandal last year for saying the N-word:

    Morgon smiling on the red carpet

    3. People noted the lack of A-listers — no Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, BTS, etc.

    4. OK, now we have a bunch of Cara Delevingne awkward moments. For starters, she kinda lurked on Megan Thee Stallion's red carpet step-and-repeat:

    your chances of being watched by cara delevingne are slim but never zero

    Twitter: @ungodlywests

    5. Then, full-on intruded:

    Cara Delevingne plays with Megan Thee Stallion’s dress on the #BBMAs red carpet.

    Twitter: @PopBase


    Megan The Stallion posing while Cara Delevingne awkwardly holds an extended piece of Megan's dress

    6. She also suddenly popped into this moment with Meg and Doja Cat:

    JUMPSCARE when Cara Delevingne just suddenly popped out of the back

    Twitter: @wrathfromabove_

    7. Liza Koshy ALSO photobombed the moment:

    Liza sticks her tongue out while looking at the camera that is trying to take a photo of Doja and Megan

    8. And somehow, Cara then got on the ground to be the photographer of this shot?!?!

    Is that Cara AGAIN???

    Twitter: @HeyAzJay

    9. Doja gulped down her drink and quickly vaped before accepting her award for "Top R&B Album":

    Doja Cat before accepting her award for ‘Top R&B Album’ at the #BBMAs.

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    10. Florence Welch basically levitated away after meeting Megan, OMG:

    Megan fangirling and Florence floating away like a ghost… 😭

    Twitter: @geogre_j

    11. Doja looked almost upset to win "Top R&B Album" over Summer Walker, who had a huge year:

    Doja even seemed like she wanted Summer Walker to win the award for Top R&B album. It’s not her fault really. Blame the persons awarding it

    Twitter: @DojasLeftTitty

    12. In fact, Summer Walker lamented over her losses on Instagram:

    In an Instagram post, Summer congrats the winners but laments that she didn't win and vows to work harder next time

    13. And lastly, Megan Fox apparently wanted to cut a hole in her outfit to have sex with Machine Gun Kelly and posted the texts with her stylist to prove it:

    Were there any other awkward moments at the 2022 BBMAs? Tell us in the comments below!