Bhad Bhabie Responded To People Criticizing Her Body On Instagram

    "Y’all angry that I’m not insecure about my body."

    You know Bhad Bhabie. She's a rapper who went viral as a teen after her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil, where she said, "Cash me outside. How 'bout that?"

    Since then, she's amassed almost 17 million Instagram followers. And lately, she's been facing body-shaming on the platform.

    Babie performing on stage

    The rapper hit back at them on Thursday, posting this Instagram:

    "Y’all angry that I’m not insecure about my body being skinny and it shows," she wrote.

    "BMI clearly states that someone who’s 4'11" should be 86 to 105 pounds. I’m 87 pounds*."

    "So go suck 101 dicks if you have a problem with someone else’s body."

    Well, I'm sure we all can agree that body-shaming is not cool, and never will be. Bye.