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Ok, So Beyonce And Rihanna Said Hi To Each Other At The Grammys

All is well, probably.

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For years, no one has really known the status of Rihanna and Beyoncé's relationship. They've taken pictures together.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

And performed together.

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But there was that time Rihanna's former publicist admitted to making up a fake story of Rihanna and Jay-Z having an affair for publicity.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Oh yeah, and also when Rihanna was shady with her likes.

@theartofshade / Via

But at the Grammys this year, an audience camera captured Rih blowing kisses at Bey.

Beyoncé and Rihanna blowing each other a kiss at the #GRAMMYs😍

While dancing to A Tribe Called Quest, Rihanna looked back.




And initiated the kiss blowing.


Seems legit!