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    I'm Straight-Up Cackling At These Viral Tweets From This Week

    "I do skincare, but my skin doesn’t care."

    We're bringing back the best tweets of the week. Whether you want to laugh on your way to work, send a meme or two to a friend, or just kill time — we got you! Here are the best tweets of the week:

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    I do skincare but my skin doesn’t care

    Twitter: @mickeywon234


    me & my friends meeting up to talk about how we aren’t the issue

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @SpookyGothLoser


    so dark outside rn what is this one million pm???

    Twitter: @chunkbardey


    everytime I put money away for a rainy day it start raining THAT SAME NIGHT 😭😭😭😭

    Twitter: @sooyoulexx


    my wedding MUST HAVE a drunk confessional room

    Twitter: @witstieve


    the bad guy in hallmark movies is a boyfriend who is like “uh no babe i cant drop everything + leave work this weekend im about to close a deal for ten million dollars that will set us up for life” and the good guy is a guy who is just standing there when she gets to her hometown

    Twitter: @owenbroadcast


    Twitter: @mickeywon234


    ET / Taylor Hill / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @bigtallgayguy


    Lit a candle (microdosing arson)

    Twitter: @evildanevil


    This lady on tiktok has one of them hairless cats… And his name is NUDACRIS. Just wanted y’all to know.

    Twitter: @ShenaeCurry


    i don’t like cars with no tint get me tf out this water bottle

    Twitter: @slvppy


    god I love a book with a weird map in the front. Yes confusing little map!!! you have done your job. I am enticed

    Twitter: @danielleweisber


    I wish Chip and Joanna Gaines had bought Twitter instead

    Twitter: @caitiedelaney


    77 degrees in november.. GRETA THUNBERG DO SOMETHING

    Variety / Via Twitter: @willfulchaos


    not arguing with a man who has long eye lashes, whatever u say beautiful

    Twitter: @highoffness


    when you open a snack and you hear paws running your way 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    Twitter: @babyariees


    it's crazy the little things people say that stick w you. one time i ordered a corndog from sonic and my friend was like "a corndog in the car is crazy?!" and why i ain't touched a corndog since ouuu i was so embarrassed omg

    Twitter: @itszaeok

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