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    Becky G's Boyfriend Sebastian Lletget Could Leave Me On Read For 6 Hours And I'd Thank Him

    Like wow.

    You probably know Becky G. She's the icon behind the song "Shower."

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    That song is iconic. She's super talented. She's beautiful. She's great. But today we're going to celebrate her boyfriend β€” Sebastian Lletget.

    I’m shaking...... Becky g won

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    Sebastian is a midfielder for the LA Galaxy. We stan (and thirst over) an athletic king.

    Come on, people. How does someone look so good? Here is he rocking a white shirt with the perfect button-to-chest-reveal ratio:

    This man could leave me on read, call me annoying, and many other things and I'd sit there and be grateful.

    Even when he's writhing in pain he's still beautiful.

    OMFG you can just tell he's one of those people. They're sofa king hot that they NEVER take bad pictures, they don't get pimples β€” they basically don't suffer.

    It looks like (no surprise here) I'm not the only one who thinks this bonafide sex pot is fine:

    his name is Sebastian Lletget and unfortunately there's only one of him on this planet

    Sebastian Lletget is so damn sexy.

    So I'm not exactly sure how to wrap-up this post, so I'll give you my top 3 pics him. No. 3:

    No. 2:

    And lastly, No. 1: the pic of him and Becky G β€” because they are literally goals. Not just saying that. Ok, bye!