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Bartenders Are Sharing Their Unspoken Rules That They're Tired Of Everyone Breaking

They're fed up...

Last month, Reddit user u/SnowmanINC asked, "Bartenders of Reddit, what are the unspoken rules that [people] need to learn again?" Bartenders answered with examples that people — especially in 2022 — need to stop doing.

a bartender straining a drink into a coup glass

Here's what they said to teach the newbies what is and isn't ok!

1. "Have your order ready when I get to you — don't start asking people what they want! It just takes up unnecessary time that I don't have."


2. "Speak up! There’s loud music and screaming all around me!"


a group of young drinkers crowding the bar

3. "'Ummm, what beers do you have?' Look at the taps. I'm making a cocktail right now and I need to focus on what else this guy is ordering."


4. "Don't wave your hand. Even with money — still don’t. We know you are thirsty — that’s why you are there."


bar goers waving cards and cash to the bartenders

5. "Don't touch my shit (shakers and whatever)!"


6. "Don’t stand in front of my service well. Servers need their drinks and you’re in the way."


7. "Don’t ask me — the service bartender, who makes servers' drinks — questions when I’m making drinks for servers. There are other bartenders behind the bar for this very reason."


someone looking over a drink menu

8. "Chain ordering is a sin. Like when they say, 'Can I get a____? Wait, I also need a ___. And a ____. Sorry!"


9. "If you're a friend or know me, don't pressure me for free drinks. I'll try to give you what I can."


a bartending serving the bar

10. "I’m coming! Stop slapping the bar, telling me your order as I walk past, or waving!"


11. "Do not pick up or help yourself to my bitters. And don't pick them up just to read what they are. Those are my tools, hands off."


12. "Don't fucking eat out of the fucking fruit tray. That fruit is meant for drinks, not for your grubby fingers!"


a person taking inventory of their fruit tray and bar top

13. "Don't be on the phone when you're ordering a drink. It prolongs the whole process."


14. "Don't be like one of those people who tries to negotiate. Seriously, I don't own the bar, and I'm not in any position to give you discounts without taking it from my tips."


cash next to a glass of whiskey

15. "People always send back the drink for not being strong enough. I, the bartender, know exactly how much I poured in your drink. You got 2.25 oz. altogether of spirit. If your face doesn't scrunch up in disgust, that's because it's a FUCKING COCKTAIL and it's SUPPOSED to taste good."


16. "When they ask for another drink after closing time. I can't."


And lastly:



Fellow bartenders, did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

Responses/prompt edited for length/clarity.